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Vintage Birthday Invitations – 2010 we celebrate the 75 birthday of the electric guitar. Born in the dark 1935, it would eventually lead to a vintage guitar called P-bass, which would someday revolutionize the music industry.

The first electric guitar was invented in 1935 by Paul Tutmarc, who called his instrument an “electronic violin”. This instrument was tied with four strings, had a solid body and was designed for a horizontal reproduction. Unfortunately, Mr. Tutmarc never recorded his bass, it was simply not a rock’n’roll.

In the late 1940s, however, he began to engage some jazz and blues players in the south. It was much easier to vote and wear than the big vertical bass, which will later replace many musical genres. It was even more powerful that the bassists with their six e-guitars, who played friends, were smart.

Vintage Guitar Heel-Early years

The modern era of the electric bass was born 1951 when Leo Fender came out with his legendary “Precision Bass”, known as P-bass. It was basically built after his own 6-string “Telecaster” electric guitar. This vintage guitar became so popular that musicians from all over the country did not long their old, sharp basin for the new lightweight P-bass tasks.

Of course, when someone invents something that becomes popular, others try to imitate it. Gibson tried to counter the success of Fender when they presented their EB-1 violin model. Although it has never achieved the success of the Fender P-bass, it has led to new success models of Gibson EB and was due to its historical importance member of the collector.

Some of the other low vintage guitars that came out in the 1950s were the Hofner 500/1, later known as The Beatles bass, as this model was used by Paul McCartney in his early Beatles. Then there was the Danelectro UB2, the first deep-weighted 6-string bass. Rickenbacker came out at the end of the 1950s with the 4000ER, the first electric bass with a neck.

The 1960s began with Fender producing their “Jazz Bass” or J-bass, modelled on his jazz master guitar. Gibson offered his EB-3 in the year 1961 and followed 1963 with a real Gibson guitar, Thunderbird IV, which was a bass version of her popular “Firebird” electric guitar.

In the 1970s, advances in electronics were made with different body styles on board. Alambic was the pioneer in the design of active electronics and as a consultant he installed them in guitars used by Jack Casady (Jefferson Airplane) by Jerry Garcia and Bob Weir. In the end, Alembic decided to produce his own electric bass and introduced 1972 to the 72-01. Music Man came to the stage in the early 1970s and introduced 1976 the bass “Stingray”. This became the first bass guitar, containing advanced active electronics that were ever produced in large quantities.

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