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Sweet 16 Birthday Invitations – 16 candy binge is a very important part in the lives of teens. Only once that because so many parents want to make sure that the day or night to remember.

There are so many things that go into the design of a sweet 16 party. In fact, they are in line with planning a wedding with invitations, venue, restaurateurs, entertainment and stress. To reduce stress and ensure that the whole event takes place as planned, it is advisable to plan and follow these simple steps to have extraordinary and memorable occasion you can remember during the years to come.

The first step, as in any event, is setting a budget. You may think that no price is too much to make this show seakrab it possible for your child. But it’s always a good idea to have some budget in mind, helping you make sure you don’t overload yourself. Remember you still have to buy a gift.

Set the date. You can’t always hold the birthday party to the Sweet 16, especially if it fell within a week. Remember that this is a teen that is present, not adults, so keep on a Friday or Saturday night so they can enjoy a little later curfew and have fun and have a good night.

With a budget and an exact date, it is time to start looking for the appropriate place. When looking for a place, you look for something in an ideal location, easy to reach by all participants, safe and secure, and give plenty of space for everyone to have fun.

Depending on the number of guests you want to invite, you need to find a place that will accommodate everyone and allow you to decorate and add an attractive theme for your teen. Try choosing a place that could hold many people, giving you the space to lay the floor of the path, a few tables and chairs and comfortable sofas, turning the place into a modern and stylish space to enjoy a pleasant evening. .

Spend time with your teen to break off the guest list. Do not make the mistake of assuming that they continue with everyone in their class and invite everyone. You also want to add some family members and friends of the family to spend this special moment with you all.

Choose a theme based on the trends and interests. If you like teen pink, then rukunlah to create the pink theme “listened” to everyone. Only once you have decided on the theme of a sweet 16 party, you should design the invitation.

The invitation is sent as soon as possible, ask all the people to RSVP for a specific date. You can also enter RSVP card to make it easier. Create a list of all the people who were invited to help track the number of people who participated in the Sweet 16 party.

The next step is to set the owner of the restaurant. Remember that if you organise an event early in the evening You might want to include food, buffet style. If the show started after dinner, make sure there is a lot of snacks available for children to ground all night. If it has a bar-Cafe, make sure there are plenty of non-alcoholic drinks to choose from, maybe a little alcohol to adults who attend.

Sure you step to plan your Sweet 16 party is well-suited to determine and order the evening entertainment and choose guest assistance as a thank you’ve attended this special event.

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