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Slumber Party Invitations – Girls love to sleep! Watch the movies, nibble and stay the whole night with these funny party ideas for girls! For a hassle free party planning, order your party invitations, decorations and party articles and start planning!


You can create small pillows, fold the center of the square of felt or hand made foam to make pillows. If you do not sew, use a stapler, a glue gun or glue to attach the side and bottom of the pillow. Stuff with a little cotton. Write the invitation on a 3×5 card and slide it into the pillow. Or just add a “mini message” pillow when you bring your party invitations to sleep.

Pajama Party Decorations

Fill your party room with pillows, blankets, sofa pillows, bean bag and fabric animals. Make sure to design a large room in your home for your dormant party by organizing furniture and other items to create a comfortable hang-outraum. Shoot balloons in the favorite colors of birthday boys on the floor. You can also hang pastel balloons (or other colors) and streamers from the ceiling and walls. For an additional touch, print your daughter’s digital photos (adult, crazy pose) to be able to hang them in different places in the room.

Upon arrival, give each guest a custom torch and a pair of socks slippers. or use flashing flash necklaces or princess bands to greet your party guests.

Slumber Party Activities

Create your pillow…

Buy white pillows or let every girl bring her home. You must immediately die the crayons you bought at the local tissue shop to decorate them. Fix the dye with a hot iron according to the instructions. No drying time is required.

Star Lights

You need:

Ice Juice can
Dark Paper
Cut off both ends of the fruit juice.
Fold paper and cut small stars, diamonds and circles… similar to snowflakes, but with fewer holes.

Wrap the ends of the paper around one end and fasten it with a rubber band.

Put a flashlight in the open can open.

Turn off the lights. Turn on the torches and light them on the ceiling or wall. The girls will enjoy seeing the shapes.

Party Games Slumber

The Beautiful Sleep

Have a “bed” with a blanket on the floor. Choose a player as “it”. The player puts the blanket on… and pretends to sleep. The other players try to wake up with funny sounds, songs, jokes or phrases (to make them laugh). When it wakes up, it chooses the next player. If it sleeps for the allotted time (usually one minute maximum), it will win a prize (needle bracelets, rings, cosmetic cases or bubbles).

Black Magic

This is a game in which there is a secret. Two people have to work in the mystery of the game. One of the two leaves the room and one is inside. The person in the room helps the group decide on an object. Then the other person returns to the room and tries to guess which object was chosen. The person who stayed in the room, we call it “Jo”, shows different things in the room and says: “Is that?” So the “viewfinder”, we call it Sally or say “yes” or “no”. The object can be anything, even a hinge or something inconspicuous. The goal of the game is for the other members of the group to understand how Sally’s guesses, so do not tell the secret of the group. The secret is: Sally knows which object is chosen because Jo points to a black object before it points to the selected object, then the name “Black Magic”.

Eating for your Pajama party

Mostly the girls at this age only want to bite.

offer a variety of fun and healthy “munchie” foods, such as

Vegetables and dip
French Fries
or serve the chocolate fondue and cheese never fails. Kids love it!

Slumber Party gifts for your guests:

Lightning Lights
Night Lights
Hair brushes
Digital photos during the party
Hot Cocoa Packages
Small Breakfast flakes
Light bulb Accessories
Embedding some of these ideas should make for a fantastic sleep vacation.

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