Safari Birthday Invitations

Safari Passport Birthday Invitations

Safari Birthday Invitations – Safari parties are great because they work for boys and girls and the theme can be adapted to any personality. Here are some funny ideas that can be used when planning such a party.

Create creatives with Safari invitations

Party invitations are the first impression your guests will have, so enjoy them! If you want to send an e-card as an invitation, include jungle noises in your email and a selection of photos on the map. For traditional paper invitations, let them look like passports with a jungle visa of your choice. The most common choice is the African jungle, but there are also South American jungles and more to choose from. You could also start your party on the invented Nool jungle (Horton Hears a WHO).

Make Jungle masks.

Put all the children together at the beginning of the party and make them animal masks. Give them cardboard plates, markers, color, crayons and glitter and let them draw freely. When you’re done, cut some rubber bands into the masks and let them wear instead of party hats.

Decorate your Safari theme party:

To decorate, fill many green balloons with elm and ties of Brown tie to make them look like trees; Put some paper monkeys to complete the look. Use green, yellow and brown virgins as “screws” for the jungle. Make yourself and other party coordinators (like mom, Dad and siblings), part of the decorations, dress them up in shorts, jackets and other safari clothing. Place some stuffed animals in the party area and play jungle music in the background. Confetti in animal forms is also a good idea. Just throw it around the party and cover it.

When you talk about the pie table, be sure not to go to the jungle-themed prints. Use a few colors evenly, so it’s not too overwhelming. As for supplies, make sure you have dishes, cups, utensils for serving and eating, napkins, trays, plates and jugs. Think about the party menu very carefully and list the list of things you need, and don’t forget table settings (placemats, tablecloths, etc.)

Don’t forget the heart of the party: Games!

Try out funny games like “into the Waterhole” where the kids are split into two teams to play the funny tug-o-war game. The Water Hole (a “kiddy” pool full of water or blue balloons when the water is not in question) is placed between the two teams and each team increases the other team in the first wins. From the animal carnival he attacks the tail on the lion, and Scavengere also to hunt for a shot.

Ideas for your cake:

For the cake is simply rectangular with green glaze, trees and plastic animals The easiest way to go. If you want to become more complicated, buy a birthday cake favorite jungle Animal pie pan. Bread like this can be found in any party store.

Safaris Eat Ideas:

For the food they make finger rolls with a biscuit cutter cut into animal shapes. In addition, Animal crackers, pizza (because pizza can never go wrong), mud cakes and monkey bananas are shared. For drinks, make a handful of safari fruits with exotic and tropical fruits such as kiwi, mango and fruit of passion. Add a lemon lemonade.

Safari prefers:

Now that it’s time for everyone to go home, let them go with a little reminder of the incredible time they had. Send them with favors of the guest gifts. Give the kids a mini safari kit with Safari hat, field bottle, binoculars and Jeep. These pieces can be purchased online at a really good price.

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