Party City Birthday Invitations

Party City 50th Birthday Invitations

Party City Birthday Invitations – Every birthday party is something special for your baby, be it an extravagant gala with pony walks or a traditional party. The following is suggested to organize a fun party for your child without causing huge costs.

Create your own invitations

Let your baby design your own invitations. If you are planning a party with many participants, draw your child with a Party details folder, create flyer copies and send them. Or put invitations in a Word document or over the Internet on your computer. Visit the following websites for information on creating free birthday invitations: Blue Mountain, American Greetings, EZ Cards, and Hewlett-Packard (performs a search for “birthday Cards”).

Mix generic and Party Theme decorations

The baby will probably not notice or worry if you use dark napkins or Barbie cups. Consider whether your child should choose a thematic decoration, for example, to rinse cake plates and then select cups, napkins, etc. In uniform, which corresponds to the theme of the party. Find cheap birthday party decorations in party stores like party city.

Make the cake for you

This is another area that children are not too special. It’s a party, as long as there’s a cake. Your baby does not care whether the cake is your home version or purchased from a fancy bakery. In fact, it’s cheaper and is more fun to help your baby bake your cake. Let them have fun mixing, casting and even decorating the cake. You can also find the cheap decorating kits, DIY, the party works, birthday direct or Birthday Express.

Make a Piñata

This is another funny birthday gift that your child can create using the following materials that are already available at home:

Big ball or water ball

Newspaper strips

Paste (mix 1/2 cup of flour with 1/2 cup of cold water, stirring in 2 cups boiling water boils for about 3 minutes, then cool)

Pull the newspaper strips through the dough. Clean the surplus and place the diagonal strip on the balloon. Repeat, slightly stratification the strips until the entire surface is not covered, except for a small area where it is possible to empty the balloon and fills the piñata with tastiness (cover this area with tape after it is filled with gaskets). With paper and other items let the Piñata dry for at least 24 hours, then add your decorations, such as the paint, ribbons, or make an animal face.

Or make a less messy version of a paper bag. Fill a large paper bag half way with cheese, roll the top down and close it. Decorate the sides of the bag with colored paper, stripes, add funny eyes and so on.

Host of the Out of service party

Compare the cost and hassle of hosting the party in your home with another place. Funny Birthday settings are:

Children’s Museums



Fire or police stations

Paint Your Ceramics Studies

Public playgrounds

Bouncy Castles


Roller skating


Bowling Alleys

Organize a treasure hunt

If you host the party in your place, keep the kids busy with some art activities, you have to decorate your own cookies or cakes, go on treasure hunt or play funny games like for example:

Pin the tail on the donkey (or an animal of choice)


Duck, duck, goose

Simon Says

Red Rover

Water polo Ball

Dancing freezing

Musical Staircase

Ask for help

Ask family members to help you prepare and clean, take a dish, or bring balloons as part of your gift.

Use what you have

Sort the remaining decorations of previous celebrations to create an entertaining, fun theme. For example, you may have enough material to decorate a luau decorated with beach equipment, children dressed in Beachwear, and give you a cheap beach ball as a party favor. Or consider a party of a girl where girls wear their favorite dance or princess costume, play frozen dance and so on. Or consider the superhero party of a boy where boys can wear a superhero costumes from the last Halloween or make a cloak Batman. Hire someone for an hour to make superhero muscles out of the balloons and paint the kids with the spider web etc.

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