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Monster High Birthday Invitations – Monster high costumes this Halloween is a must have if your baby is a big fan of Monster High. Monster High launched last year in the year 2010 and quickly bring the world out of the storm. Mattel is behind a very large and popular franchise.

Monster High is a high school where a teenager attending all the monsters, ghosts and creepy characters famous for centuries. Everyone has strange defect to facing that are unique to them. Like Frankie Stein sewn together and having trouble stitching difficult.

Each character is created in the doll. The dolls are very popular with girls and has grown since the first release, adding more characters, including a very cool dolls. There are also different versions of each doll as the dawn of the dance series or class.

Of course it won’t be long before there are girls who want to dress like their favorite dolls and fortunately now possible. There are Monster High Costumes released for Halloween this brings all the excitement and luxury to Halloween.

I say glamour because unlike past Halloween costumes which are all very ugly, Monster High Costumes are beautiful and attractive. I think this is interesting for girls anymore. His character is cool, a teen outdoors and yes they are strange because nature but stylish and fashionable and very cool.

Now those girls can dress up like their favorite doll that looks good is not dressed as a witch or ghost stupid ugly. Unfortunately, the costumes and wigs that need to be purchased separately. I find that buying them is the simplest but if you just want a wig that’s really the most important part to get your views, then you can put your clothes together.

Monster High Costumes that are currently available are based on the original version of the Monster High Dolls are:

Frankie Stein costume-Frankie Stein look like the original doll Frankie Stein. This is a checkered black and white plaid with polkadot tie. The costume also comes with sleeves and leggings that have dots on them. There is also a wig Frankie Stein a necessary complement to the dress.

Clawdeen Wolf-costume purple skirt and Clawdeen has a leather strap, fur jacket and zebra striped. This wig is equipped a small OWL ear. Very funny

Draculaura – Draculaura Costume is a white pleated skirt, a white lace collar and pink vest. This is really easy to put together, as long as you have a wig, of course.

Cleo De Nile-Gown Cleo de Nile including leggings that looked like bandages wrapped on the foot. This dress would be a little more difficult to reproduce themselves, because of the appearance of this band is a must to withdraw it. Simply wrap the bandage around your feet do not look good.

Lagoona Blue-Costume includes small fins for Lagoona arms and legs and has a level of fish. Wig Lagoona is absolutely beautiful. You can do your handbag to go with these costumes, which connects the shells and starfish with a colorful striped bag.

Ghoulia Yelps-Ghoulia has no official costume but his clothes are easily made. He wears a red jeans with long black boots on top of them. You must have long blue wig for Ghoulia and put her cat glasses and that’s close enough.

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