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Mickey Mouse Clubhouse Birthday Invitations – M-I-C. .. K-E-Y. … M-O-U-S-E who doesn’t love the mice and all of his friends? Here are some fantastic ideas for Mickey Mouse party fun! Mickey’s House is about to solve puzzles that are essential to achieve the goal that day, so dispose of the baby in a birthday party where he and his friends could feel burdened with the excitement and the joy of learning new things, while doing something

Invitation: Coloring The Template Off Off Disney Mickey Clubhouse Club Official Site. They are really cute and there are decks to choose from. On a piece of red, blue or yellow light, write or print directions the party-who, when and where. “Mickey and his friends held a birthday party and they want you to join the band!” would be the perfect words for your invitation. You can also cut the invitation card head-to-Mickey ear. For an extra touch you can throw a pair of crayons or even small box 8. Ask each guest to give the colors in their pictures to be exhibited at the party. Put both cards in the wrapper, seal with stickers of Mickey and submit it. This idea works very well for a kids party

Decorating: decorating party For Mickey Mouse sparkling stars use red, yellow and blue balloons. Have a honey bouquet full of bubbles and the WAD of balloons full of water that floats around the floor of the party. Cut the shape of the large Mickey head from black cardboard with a big sign that said “welcome home Mickey” and stuffed animals around the scene. Put a poster of Mickey and friends on the wall. Ask the place reserved for guests to show their work sent with the invitation! Using cardboard red, yellow and blue, cut various shapes such as circles, squares, and triangles. Hang the rod with a line shape from the ceiling around the party area over the counter party. Use a different wire length so it looks very clean! You can also do the same thing with the numbers! Cut the numbers from 1-9 and place it around the wall. Mickey is learning!

Crafts: Create Your Mickey Ears. Buy some black tape and packing foam in black paper. Before the party pre-cut ear glue on ears! Adhesive heat ears so guests can wear them immediately. You can even prepare them and mempresentasikannya to guests as they arrive. It has a pink bow to Minnie small, participate! Create Your Mouskespotter-mousekespotter Builders help Mickey to find the things that he needs so that when he is done, he can play the game “Eye Spy” little about the rumors surrounding the party zone. All you need is a cardboard paper towel tube and stuff for decorated with markers, crayons, yarn, stickers, glitter and foam. Place the decorative material on the designated work desk and give each child a cardboard tube. Ask the kids to make and decorate their own mousekespotter!

Game: Spot … Play favorite games Mickey by using shapes, numbers and colors. Before the party, make a lot of shape or number of colored paper. You can also use the already made and hung for decoration around the party area! So make sure you have copies of any form that you cut. When is the time to play it were held on a form, purple flowers, for example, and say “I put the purple flowers … isn’t it?” The kids will run for images that match what is being played out or identify the form while sitting and review the newly created Mouskespotter. You can play over and over, the less challenging as you go. Musical chairs – with a twist that is clear! Instead of using the flat floor space seats. Use different shapes of different colors and glued together with strong to the floor in a circle. In play time, guests must walk around the outside of the circle, and when the music stops, they should immediately intervene and carefully sat down with one of its forms. Every turn, take one of the forms or place the Disney. We recommend that you have some small child seats at first so they could all play for a while before being eliminated. Set for round 2!

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