Lego Birthday Party Invitations

Lego Birthday Invitations Party City

Lego Birthday Party Invitations – Give your little genius of a party that is fun and educational for your next birthday! With the lego birthday party themes, you will have all Your guests busy and happy for hours! Here’s how …

Party invitations

Cut out Several sheets of paper 12 “x 12″ as the size of the envelope, and then decorate them with Front Front bumper stickers and other decorations Lego related.

Another option is to have a piece of Lego blocks (with the same color) that is paced in a single plane. Then write the name of Your little baby on the side of smooth and flat using a permanent marker. LEGO Lego Theme Invitation Lego blocks into each block Separate Lego Invitation invitation to Remember all the party guests bring the party into the Lego message in order to work on the Lego secret message. When all the people come, let teenagers share the riddle together to reveal the secret message.

Birthday invitation ideas other cool is to buy cheap yellow t-shirts, so the print is bright and colorful one set of small design with hot transfer. Please include the name of each guest on the front of each shirt. Ask them to wear a t-shirt birthday party they are when they arrive at the party.

Party menu

Make everyone happy with the stomach with delicious food such as pizza set, carrots with subs, sliced apples, bread, crackers gold fish, salad, and a big piece of lego cake!

Delicious party favors

Surprisingly little kids cute theme with the favored parties such as: comic, bubble gum, Silly Putty, paddle ball, miniature animals/alien/rockets, card games and of course a series of Lego.

Party Decorations

Have a brighter primary color like the color scheme of a Lego party! Use decorating party, party, party paper products and invitations are red, yellow, green and blue. He also suggested some of the giant Lego pieces in the party room, painting large boxes of unused paint color. Attach a couple of glasses of colored plastic, about 2 inches from the top of each cup of cut to bottom left.

LEGO City/stop signs, road signs/sign in one direction. Put these signs in some parts of a birthday party where the lego games and activities will take place.

Drag balls and colorful balloons to the entire party, and then prepare a variety of themed themed theme paper 12 ” x 12 ” Lego as a place to party party. Add stickers, letter kiddies, or some interesting lego facts about each party mat.

Party games and Activities

This home has a Drop of Lego, where you need to bring your glass jars with holes. Let each person took turns in an attempt to drop pieces of Legos into a glass jar that was in between their legs.

Another fun game is a version of Simon Says, called ‘ Lego Brickmaster Says ‘.

Finally, you have a bridge contest. Get some great Lego tank and a small paper bag. The contents of this paper bag with pieces that are exactly the same. Add some constructive elements that are strong and durable decorative pieces and even a small and strange. Distribute them to the children and instruct them to build a strong bridge for just 5 minutes. After the time indicated, using the raw egg, see if the bridge can sustain this egg. Give a prize for the best design, best design, etc!

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