Harry Potter Birthday Invitations

Harry Potter Birthday Invitations Wording

Harry Potter Birthday Invitations – A Harry Potter party is ideal for boys or girls between 6 and 9 years of age. You will find ideas for Harry Potter invitations, games, crafts, food and decorations. Mix and match… make the party for you!

Total cost: Less than $50 (unless you are a professional magician)

Crystal ball Invitations:

Use an old CD and write-prediction-a Harry Potter party.
Use purple cardboard to create a base for your “crystal ball”.
Write holiday details on the basis.
Harry Potter Games-the Ordenshut:

When the children arrive at the party, let them put on the ordering hat and reach a bowl to choose their home (Gryffindor, Serpeverde, Ravenclaw or Hufflepuff). The House will be your party for the party. The Sortierhut can be made by forming a piece of black cardboard in a cone and adding stars for decorations.
The houses will gather in Quidditch, magic potions and magic spells during the party. If you have less than 12 people, children can go to all stations as group 1.
Quidditch-Harry Potter game:

The Quidditch rules are very complex, so I created a simplified version for your group… it’s more of a combination of hiding and searching and tagging.
Two houses will go to this station.
A large forest area is ideal for this Harry Potter game.
A person is “it”-also known as the Golden finger. The golden snitch should be an adult.
The golden snitch will have a small painted rubber-shaped ball attached to your body with a flag of flags football.
Both teams climb their brooms and try to capture the golden drift. You must always be on your broom.
The team that captured the golden Snitch wins!

Let the children create an explosion! Simply add 1 tablespoons of bicarbonate into a cup and mix slowly with vinegar.
Harry Potter Crafts-Make a magic wand! Give each child half an inch of foot and let it decorate by gluing ribbons, glitter and feathers. The ribbon wraps easily with the tips.

Have a magician or a parent to teach one or two makeup.
Harry Potter movie

If your party is in or is a sleep… take the time to watch a Harry Potter movie-complete with popcorn beans and jellies!
Harry Potter party food-Harry Potter recipes

Let the children freeze next to the cake and decorate an ice cream cone that looks like a hat. Make different colors of icing and have many different spinels.
Serve punch from the swamp in a cauldron!
A blow recipe from the swamp:
2 liter Sprite or seven-up
1 large bottle of white grape juice
1, 12 ounces. Can concentrate frozen Limeade
Green colors… Add a drop or two to get the color of the swamp you want!
Mix everything and cool.
At the time of maintenance, add 1 pack of worms.
Guest Gifts

Rubber Candies
Small Zauberkit
Removable buffer Harry Potter

We had Harry Potter my son out in the woods, and the natural environment was ideal and free!
When you host your house party, many Halloween decorations will work. Don’t waste money at the party store on themed decorations!
Black paper tapes on the doors are very effective!

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