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First Birthday Invitation – Do you want your child happy with a first birthday party? Then you need to find interesting ideas for parties and events. This is not a problem to entertain children, but if your guests filled their kids, then you have to plan the activities of the parties in advance. Here are some ideas of games that must be played during a party in progress.

Mushroom Rubber Ducky

This small washing game will delight kids and parents with an emphasis on cleaning clean fun! All you need is a rubber duck and a sink for every baby, sink, bar soap and some flour, breadcrumbs, syrup or molasses. Before the Party took a rubber duck and make them dirty as possible. Dip on molasses or corn syrup and roll the flour, grains, bread crumbs, or the other thing (get the picture). Save into the tray in the freezer. So the kids are ready, rounded to come around the sink and gave duck rubber bathing. Put them on trays and give each child to work (help them, of course if they need it). So they clean up their ducks, each took home clean and clean them with them!

Animals and the sounds they make

Collect an eclectic mix of stuffed animals, plastic animal toys or stuffed animals in a basket of toys. With each animal, hold toys it and ask the children: “what is this?” and “sounds like what this animal?” Pass all of the animals at least once. Soon the kids will be meowing and bowing, whispers and seducing synchronously. Let the children play with toy animals soft afterwards!

Pumping bubbles competition

Use bubble or bring someone to blow bubbles so that kids can lock and memotretnya by tapping their hands. If you have a cat that is safe on a small child, you may want to get it! Put the fun music and start popping up!


If you have a sand pit, hide her toys (small trucks are ideal!) And candy in plastic containers and have the kids dig for them. They can go one by one to say one minute each and save what they can find and put in a bucket (but make sure you have quite a lot of food to eat if the excavator diggers found most delicious food before!) If you have no sandpit, it was you could fill the big box or paddling pad with sand, not for the day.

This is the period of history

Gather the kids around for a convenient period of history or, if you’re feeling creative, festive celebration of coordination for children. Use a doll purchased or homemade or toys your baby and try to ask at least one person to help you. Hang the shelves with portable red blanket or a tent as a divider and a renowned puppet game right on top of it. Certainly captures the fear and laughter of children! Narrating and acting from one of your child’s favorite books. Remember to read with a lot of expression so that they will be dazzled!

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