Fire Truck Birthday Invitations

Personalized Fire Truck Birthday Invitations

Fire Truck Birthday Invitations – What boy doesn’t love fire engines? With flashing lights, strong sirens and bright colors is one of your favorite toys. When my son just wanted to be four years old, he insisted on a theme party with a truck. So I started looking for funny ideas and finding.

The first thing you can do is make your own invitations. I used red kit paper to make a # 4 (four year) front cap and all the party information on the back. You can also cut a hydrant, a fire extinguisher or a badge. Bring your child to the front by helping him to cut the shapes or to write # (age). Let the children come in their swimsuits for daytime birthdays so that they can play enticing aqua games.

The next step is to find the matches that fit the subject of the fire truck. I went to another party accessory store and bought something that had to do with the trucks in focus. Plastic fire hats, red and white balloons, fireballs, fireflies, table decorations, etc. also go to your local handicraft shop and buy flat red shirts to make fireflies for each child. I used the white color to write the name of the baby (eg Sam Fire) and the age on the front of the shirt. This must be done at least 24 hours before the party so that the paint can dry out.

Start the party by giving each child a Feuerhut, a badge and a personalized t-shirt. When the party is in summer, give the kids a water-filled pistol and activate a “sprinkler” hydrant to play. Build a “burning house” from a large cardboard box with red, orange and yellow flames cut off from the billboard and glued on all sides of the closed box. You should put something heavy into the box like one or two bricks so that it doesn’t tip over. I filled more than 100 balloons of water and several small spray guns and I told the kids that there was a burning home and they had to extinguish the fire. They absolutely loved this game.

If your baby is like mine and a lot of diving and a fire department dress up, you can put them all in one place and let them play with you. This is especially good if you are small for the party, which may not be prepared to deal with the water. Another good idea is to play a movie for kids (i.e. there is a fire engine).

A fun game inside, when the time is not great, is a music tender. Cut off the party hydrants, hats or trucks and roll them with a light contact card. Find a toy fire dive with a mermaid or other sound and let the children walk around the shapes until the sound stops. Each time they take a similar shape as the music chairs. When the children are eliminated, they present them with their group to favor the bag at this time, and therefore there are no hurt feelings.

I hope this helps you to plan the perfect firefighter/Firefighter car party for your son!

Carissa Brownlee is the owner/artist of Carissa hats, who manufactures and sells handmade birthday hats for children.

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