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Elmo Birthday Invitations – The launch of the birthday party of Elmo is definitely one of the options the popular party themes that you can launch to your child’s birthday. And if the kids are obsessed with Elmo as they view the Sesame Street Show, you could try the theme this amazing party.

Cute and fun as he is, you can also enter your friends like Elmo, Abby Cadabby large bird who loves magic, Bert, Count Von Count and more! For this fantastic party theme, just look at the list of resources that I’ve collected below.

Elmo Birthday Invitations

Get regular paper or colored paper white. For your invitation, you can choose to bend half paper or leave it as the desired size of your own. You can also choose to bend the paper so it looks like the door that bending both ends together (regardless of the width or height of the smaller body) but make sure both sides have the same length. Use a ruler before bending. Take photos of your children with Elmo and his friends. Put on the cover page or anything else that you think is appropriate. Also adorn them with some tape or drawing and writing the content of your invitation. Any design that is appropriate, choose melaminasi for the invitation, put in an envelope or both and send to your guests.

As much as possible, let your kids join make their birthday invitations.

Elmo birthday party decorations

If your kids are obsessed with Sesame Street, launched the party decorating is definitely your kids love to do it. Any artisanal or festive decoration, your kids can join together and have fun together, she is also part of it. Anyway, it’s your birthday party!

Imagine how takjubnya your guests can include parents and their children, and they will love it! This will create the best atmosphere that suits the theme of Your Elmo birthday party. Do not run and do that. With some creativity and time, you and your family can really make it more “happening”. Check out a list of ideas that you can do, below.

1. make some Elmo Face Party Crafts using paper size chocolate, material pictures and paper craft accessories such as rubber bands and eye miniatures. Also include other characters from Sesame Street. Hang them around the party area you or deliver them as a party guest who loves you.

2. take some photos of your kids wearing t-shirts, including Sesame Street Elmo and Sesame Street toys. Place the image in the frame and position around your party area for decoration. Be in front of the door, a table or even a wall.

3. create your own theme, flow Hem party triangle using a stack of colored paper. Make sure you use a template to draw a triangle before cutting it so amply cut all the same. To draw, or cut and paste some image of Elmo and his friends from Sesame Street, which You print online. You can also add the stickers decorating. Navigate the hole in every triangle or use tape to attach the strings from one to the other triangle triangle. Hang them through the ceiling.

4. create an atmosphere with colourful balloons hanging around your party area. You can also create your own helium ball arch by using strings that already securely in tip or bow to non-helium balloons with thin aluminum wire (to make the bow and then connect both ends with a strap on a pole), 2 Pole (to make the column balloon) and PVC pipes to stand on top of the mast. These decorations will take an occasional, but needs to be done.

Games and activities for Elmo birthday party

Whether your decorating invitations and ready? Nice once it’s time to plan some fun games and activities. This is also another important element for a party because it’s all about how everyone participating. Imagine having guests in your party and have no idea of the play and activity and will surely have a very quiet atmosphere and boring. Young children usually hyperactive and can interact better with other children and I love it!

Remember that every child is a winner. Give them some token of appreciation to participate even though they didn’t win the game. The following is a list of ideas that you can do, below.

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