Construction Birthday Party Invitations

Construction Birthday Party Invitations

Construction Birthday Party Invitations – Whether your guests are party parties or birthday party games, a Bob the builder party or a construction site will surely be your little business pleasure. This is a celebration that can be easily put together, as many of the activities are natural.

Dirt Mover relay-shoot the guys in teams and give each team a bucket, a shovel and a pile of dirt. Put all the buckets on the finish line. Each player takes a grate out of his sticks and runs or rushes to his bucket and unloads him. Then you have to return to your teammates and pass the shovel to the next person in a row. The game continues until a team has completely shoved its filth into the bucket.

Pin the tools on Bob-this game is played as the donkey is attached to the donkey, except with a Bob the builder poster and the creation of tools from the poster or cardboard edge. With the double-decker band, children try to apply the tools to the tool belt of the Bob the builder while the eyes are blindfolded.

Digging for trucks and tools-transport small trucks and equipment in a large Schmutzab cut. Give each of the kids a shovel and let them have it! The goal is to find more tools.

Building block-prepare empty cartons in different sizes before the party, close them and connect them in different colors. Share the guys in teams and give each team the same number and box. The goal of the game is to be the first team to build a tower with all its boxes within the planned time. When the crates begin to fall, the team members might try to rebuild their tower as long as time permits.

Musical trucks-this game is played as “musical chairs”. Decorate the cartons so that they look like the trucks. You need to have more boxes like children. The boxes should be large enough to allow children to sit or sit. When music is playing, children run around the “truck”. When the music stops, the children try to climb into a “truck”. When the music stops, remove another “truck”. Anyone who is the last person in the game is the winner.

Constructional Construction Barriers-this game is only an option if you have enough space to create an obstacle. Prepare various dirt socks so that children can go on, use tape to push a maze of walkways, orange cones for strolling, tires to pass, walking around, etc.

These are just some of the ideas that will help you to kick off a fun and successful birthday party or Bob the builder. Set up a good foundation with fun invitations, build up matching theme decorations and create the thrill of the party with exciting games and theme-related activities.

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