Circus Birthday Invitations

Vintage Circus Birthday Invitations

Circus Birthday Invitations – There are many great ways to make a birthday party theme vintage circus fun and unforgettable.

This party theme is perfect for children’s birthday because it has so much potential, food-themed games, gang spectacle, endless ideas!

Let’s explore some different ideas to get Your popcorn POPs!

Food Circus Party

So You say the word circus, you immediately see a lot of foods, such as popcorn, hot dogs, pretzels, cotton candy and nuts.

You will always get creative with your own food, choosing to present the dessert buffet with your favorite sweets such as ice cream, doughnuts and popcorn.

A separate place for the popcorn and cotton candy would be a fun idea, and other areas for a delicious circus food such as hot dogs, hazelnuts, pretzels, corn and fries.

Alley and Sideshow Games

There are so many fun games that you can create for Your circus gang. The idea of popularity are:

Coin Toss-coin roll into super Cup or plate to win prizes.

Ring Toss-cast rings on the cone.

Balloon beam-better for larger may

Outdoor tub with duck-a duck with hooks in their head and long pole for children to try to “catch them”.

Spin the prize wheel with Wheel-or numbers for children to take the prize.

Milk bottle-bottle full of sand that must be torn down by the bench.

Guess how many-fill the jar with candy like m m & and ask the children to guess how many there are in the jar. Whoever guesses the correct number or get the biggest number of winning the pot as a gift.

Horseshoes-Launches a horseshoe around the pole.

Other features in the alley of spectacle You are:

Photo Booth-complete with funny props, hats and glasses for Your guests to display themselves.

Balloon Animals – the clown who created balloon animals funny would be the absolute blow.

Face Painting clown or circus-genius who painted children’s faces like a lion, clown, monkey, butterfly, or not at all!

Pony Rides-features for a full day of fun.

Sack Race/Three Legged Race – classic party fun.

Circus Party Decor

Decorate Your vintage circus party will consist of lots of red and white stripes, stars, old paper, poster or vintage painted background. Yellow, blue and the water is also very nice to be added into the mix.

Can you describe some of the character SideShow circus strong man, like classic women’s beard, ball gowns, balancing an elephant, bear, Siamese twins with the bike, the lion on a platform, the car cannon and straw.

You can have the features table or party at your party, such as a miniature Carnival caravan, flying cannon star and a guy who flies across the room in various poses, clown dancing around the edge of a table or along the wall.

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