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Christmas Party Invitation Template – We are concentrating our Christmas party for children this year. Since the season is really focused on it, I found an idea that should have an excited guy for the holidays. I call it the 24-day Christmas movie and it is based on the advent calendar.

As you probably already know, an Advent calendar is a countdown to Christmas, with numbers 1 to 24 on it. Each advent calendar is different. Some have small drawers that are opened every day, some have small windows that open, and some have decorations that are placed on a tree. Every day a child opens the drawer and gets a small gift in it. In the case of the tree, a new decoration is continued every day until 24, when the Star (or angel) is placed at the top.

This can be fun for children because it builds the anticipation for the next vacation. It also gives you an indication of how long it will take for Christmas to be there.

This idea is to replace the little toy or candy that a child might have received when he opens the drawer with the name of a Christmas movie. Here’s what you need to create this party:

Christmas film

It is useful if you have at least 24 of them. If you have less, you can refrain from starting the part of the Adventure calendar movie later on December 1. If you read this article, this may be something you need to consider anyway.

An Advent calendar

You can use an existing one or create one. An existing one with drawers or Windows is ideal because you can place the name in the drawer or behind the windows. I also used my computer to take pictures of the movies and print them for drawers.

Many snacks

This can be anything from healthy fruits and vegetarian snacks, Reindeer food really unhealthy (but tasty) and biscuits. Whatever you choose, make sure that all children are involved as something they serve.


You can only do this for your children, but I also suggest that you invite some of your friends. My kids seem to enjoy more movies with other guys. The more we are, the better. You might be invited to invite children 24 days a day, but you don’t have to. You can have the advent time exercised for your children for 24 days and invite your friends on certain days.

A place for children to watch

My kids have a game room with TV and DVD player, so it’s easy to watch their movies. You want to make sure you don’t interfere with other plans you have in the rooms where you will see your movies. It should also be big enough if you want to let your friends take part in the celebration.

I made a variation of this Christmas party planning idea where my kids invited friends to sleep and watched all their Christmas movies overnight. That did not necessarily satisfy the need to see Christmas movies; Were observed a few times in December. They had fun with it, but I think they prefer adventure.

So if you really want your Christmas party to plan everything about your children, then I suggest you try this Advent film scheme. Let me know what you’re thinking.

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