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Bachelorette Party Invites – A stag party is a fun and exciting time for friends and families to celebrate with the bride. This is the last Hoorah, so to speak, before tying the knot. If you are one of the lucky ladies who are planning a hen party for your friends or family, you want to make it special for you, a moment when you will remember forever.

The important considerations for the design of the Stag farewells are the guest list, the budget, the venue or venue and details. Being organized with these areas will help to make the process more pleasant and enjoyable for you and all other stakeholders.

Guest list

Be sure to invite all bridesmaids at the stag party. Although some of the girls live far away, or if they have a certain condition, such as a pregnancy, this would prevent them from participating in certain areas of the party to make sure they receive an invitation. Let them decide if I can participate. Also consider inviting wedding guests who are not in the Royal wedding party. Brides can’t always include all of their close friends and relatives as bridesmaids, but they still want to celebrate their stag party with everyone.


Stag farewells can be as easy as having a couple of girls in your home for dinner and drinking or working as a one-week stay at an exotic resort on the island. Obviously, the cost of each scenario is very different. Be sure to consider all participants when planning. If you decide to make an expensive trip, you know that there is a good chance that some of the girls can afford it. This does not mean that you can not go, just plan a smaller night on city dinner or dinner, even those who are not able to go on the more expensive trip. And no matter what you think, you should always plan the cost of the bride. The bridesmaids traditionally share the cost, so the bride has no cost. This is a party for you and she shouldn’t have to worry about paying for it.


Be creative in choosing a place and be sure to consider the bride’s taste. Ask her what her dream hen party would be to have an idea of the parameters. Maybe you just want to spend a night with the girls, celebrate a whole day together or even a weekend or a week.

Party ideas for all levels include:

Day at the spa or in the salon
Men’s Club Strip
Cooking School
Exotic Dance Lessons
Party Passion at home
Beach or getaway on the island
Las Vegas (You can’t forget that!)


This area may be small or complex depending on the type of stag party you intend to use. Details begin with invitations. Some appreciate the old invitations, and others prefer emails or a web-based system like Evite. Anyway, make sure you give enough attention to the guests-a month or two for a local night party and four or six months for weekend excursions. Other details to consider are the necessary reservations-hotel, flight, limousine service, restaurant and/or disco. You also want to have a general idea of how the party will come down. Do you play all the games? Do you need supplies for the games? Are you decorating? Which theme do you want to use? How do guests come from place to place? What is the length of the trip, for food, for drinks, for entertainment etc. It is not necessary to go a minute per minute, but to help a general idea.

After all the planning and organization enjoy your hard work. Celebrate with your bride and family for a stag party that you will remember for a lifetime!

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