Alice in Wonderland Birthday Invitations

Alice In Wonderland Birthday Invitations

Alice in Wonderland Birthday Invitations – If you or your kids were loved Alice in the Land of Wonders, consider launching party theme in Alice in Wonderland. With a little creativity and some party party in Alice in Wonderland, You will be able to create a wonderful experience, unique and fun for all of your guests.

Pre-match planning
Start thinking of a scene where Alice in the Country of Wonders you might want to consider in your party. Mad Hatter Tea Party is a popular option because it lets you have fun while serving tea and snacks. Snacks You must comply with the theme of the party. For example, you can get the cupcakes that reads “eat” or give a soda label says “drink me”. You can consider to expand the tea party at dinner and everyone has brought food that the character is one of the tea party.

If you decide to have a party drink tea or dinner, you may want some Alice in Wonderland themed games, such as chess game played by people living or a ride backwards where the goal is to it comes last. Because a lot of this type of game is played outdoors, you should have a backup program in case of rain or other bad weather.

An alternative to this game is to watch a version of Alice in Wonderland or ask each guest to dress as characters from the story. Guests must buy a Mad Hatter costume for herself and her children. Anyway, this Mad Hatter party.

Invitations are an important part of Your party party of Alice in Wonderland. Use your advertising material when doing invitation. Try writing to them how Crazy Hatter will do it; use rhymes and nonsense words to make a cute invitation and stupid. If you want to assign a character to each guest, you can attach a label on the back of a giant hand card and placing it on the invitation. You can also ask each guest to bring a cup of tea so you can have a set of inadequate or make some food names are not useful.

Party decorations and favors
You should change your House becomes a magic on the holiday cottage. The most beautiful is the decor, the good. Make a piece of the center of the teapot and flowers or weeds from your garden instead of using flowers that cut into the jar as if you were at the party.

If you are using the Cup and plate, be sure to set each Cup beside the small plates are not appropriate and add paper plates that are even more inadequate to the table setting. Consider a costume or costumes Mad Hatter who represents other characters and put on the Chair to tell guests seating.

When the party ended, you definitely want to send each guest house with bags full of souvenirs is crazy so they don’t forget how well they are in the land of wonders. Necklace beads and white gloves make an excellent party favors, and if your party includes children, stickers or a copy of a book is often a great success.

A party theme in Alice in Wonderland could be very fun if you plan and get some Alice in Wonderland party games. Konsumabel should not be expensive; The imagination of many in the design of this kind of party.

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