Airplane Birthday Invitations


Airplane Birthday Invitations – Here are some simple and very convenient options with airplane birthday party invitations, decorations, cakes, parties and guest gifts as well as games and activities.

The guys love the planes and they’ll have a good time at an airplane party! Here are some ideas to help you create a successful flight!

Airplane Party Costume Ideas

To extract this party and highlight the theme, make sure that the boy or girlfriend is dressed as a pilot. Guests can be attracted like flying assistants or famous personalities who fly randomly.

Planes inspired B-day invitations

Pick up colored paper or paper and tap or write party details. Fold the paper into a paper airplane form, place it in an envelope and send an email or send invitations by hand.

Airplane Birthday Party Decorations

Transform the party room into a combination of airport and water atmosphere.

Specify a location for the presentation, along with partner benefits. Label The gift room, arrivals and the cheap departures area.

Hang the paper airplane with the fishing line from the ceiling. To create the sky, hang the blue and white cracks on the ceiling.

Group groups of blue and white balloons around the party hall, especially in the corners and connect them with an airplane model to each cluster.

How to make a birthday airplane cake

Use your favorite recipe to make a cake. After the cake has cooled, place it in the freezer for a few hours to cool it completely. Use the food color to drizzle a blue glaze. Frost the whole cake with this icing.

Place the white glaze swabs on the cake to make some white clouds on the birthday cake. Then show the little toy plans on the cake so it looks like it’s climbing through the sky. Write, “Good birthday (name)!” In the clouds that use dark blue ice.

Ideas for party food

Make sandwiches and cut carrots and celery. Get plastic trays and serve sandwiches and vegetables with scuba diving for the little ones. Improve your dining pleasure while serving the food.

Party Favor Ideas

Create “Barf sacks” that serve with small white paper bags as good sacks. Fill them with small toys and snacks. Fold the tops over each other and decorate them with bags with airplane stickers.


When party participants arrive, they go to a table with lots of blank paper planes. Encourage them to decorate and personalize an airplane with numerous handmade objects on the tables.

When all arrived and a plane was recovering, they invited them to fly their planes. Create a starting line and fly your whole airplane. Whoever flies the plane continues to win. You can also hang some hula hoop rings in different sizes from the ceiling and kids try to fly their plane through the rings.

Run a suitcase relay. First, divide your guests into teams. Here children need to quickly pack a suitcase, bring it to the other end of the room or courtyard and return to their teammates to download it. The next team member repeats the process. Each team ends in advance, they are the winners.

Another activity that you should install is pin the prop on the ground, according to the pin the tail modeled on the donkey. Hang a poster of an airplane. Give each child a “prop” that you obviously made before the party. Align all and turn the chain wheels on the support. The double-decker belt is good for this business.

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