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80th Birthday Invitations – Lung cancer has the highest mortality rate in men and women who have the same lifestyle or are exposed to lung irritation throughout their lives. And types of this disease is not an option, there are many famous people with lung cancer who are now being six meters below ground.

Lung cancer is committed to anyone who qualifies, even if you’re just an average Joe or people who are really famous, you’re not excluded in the list of possible affection.

Here are some famous people who have died of lung cancer just to name a few:

Walt Disney

The creators of the fictional comic character who is still popular for young and old, Walt Disney was a genius because he was responsible for building the Walt Disney Studios and the Walt Disney theme park known as Disneyland. Walt Disney out of complications of lung cancer on December 15, 1966 at St. Joseph’s Hospital, located right across from the place of studio place is located. He died at the age of 65 years. It is said that his body was cremated and his remains placed in their living room in Glendale, California, in the garden of grass page.

Nat “King” Cole

A well-known jazz musicians Nat “King” Cole considered the chain smoker at the time, consuming more than three packs of cigarettes per day. He died the day after Valentine’s day on February 15, 1965. Before the day of his death, an interview made to discuss how Cole to understand kankernya as something that makes her feel better; This condition is more than just a blessing rather than the situation.

Steve McQueen

He died November 7, 1980, Steve McQueen is known as super cool guy in the 1960s who rose because of its popularity as a youth bled to become one of the most beloved actors of his time. Even after his death, McQueen is still admired by many people as one of the coolest icons of all time. McQueen died of a type of cancer associated with asbestos exposure, known as mesothelioma. This causes him to have a large tumour that strikes his right lung.

Clay Shaw

People who are controversial, Clay Laverne Shaw lived in New Orleans, Louisiana as a successful entrepreneur. Success is based on charges linked to the murder of the late John f. Kennedy. He is the only one accused of murder, although he was not convicted of the offence. On 15 August 1974, Shaw died at age 61 of cancer that metastasize.

Robert Mitchum

Robert Charles Mitchum, Oscar nominations and a composer, singer, actor and author. Mitchum died on July 1, 1997 after birthday 80 with complications caused by emphysema and lung cancer. By dying, Mitchum is regarded by critics as one of the best actor during the golden age.

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