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70th Birthday Invitations – First and foremost, a human is not a bad gig Apocalyptic and so much fun, it should be noted that even though a large amount of information in my opinion is not accurate, it has made me think to survive in the world apocalyptic. But if the program is used as a stand-alone Guide to give you valuable information, not at all. That’s why.

At the beginning of the event hosted former Marines Rudy Reyes tells you that You must remain mobile, moving fast while traveling in the open field and alert to your surroundings. As a former soldier, I strongly agree with this statement, where there is something wrong when you need to cross the river. Instead of looking for the ship or the ingredients to make an improvised raft, or better moves to seek easier to cross, our hero decided that the best option is to use homemade rapper hooks that are made from small. trap and rope climbing. Let me absolutely clear that this method can work if you could connect a crossbar to the bridge, but the first is how to win the lottery. I tried this using the bar and strap that result is similar, it took more than an hour, the only time that is connected is not a secure grip. That time can be used to search for and find a boat to cross instead.

My next complaint is how she tells you how to find a home with the speed and aggression to leave your way. He forgot to mention that it’s speed and stealth that your friends in the post Apocalypse. Sound move further when there is no background to dampen sound, which means anyone in the area can hear you kicked that door. Another thing to keep in mind is you don’t know if there are people who still live there and if they make a trap to get fired like you. Open the doors that open found a rifle in the face.

After that he decided to travel to the local hospital, because frankly I am sure no longer then charge the battery of the car which he shortly afterwards. He talked about the big diesel generators used the hospital as a backup energy source. Although this is true, there is no mention that if the generator is indeed a try, this is a serious pain to start back because it hold it, there is no longer much fuel to get the generator for 8 hours or more he considers has a Need, more of the gas tube teeny she could find. The required amount could feed generator about the size it was 10 minutes, basically it’s very time-consuming and energy.

Now let’s talk about cars. In the parking lot of the hospital he decided to steal a car, not a new car which lost to parents to find the truck. Now this in itself is a great idea because the older cars have electronic systems that are less complicated, who could not remember is an older car longer have what is called a locking steering wheel. This key locks the steering column while keeping the round wheel, designed as a safety device and anti-theft devices. Enough cable cars that will run the engine, but you must turn off the ignition to turn the steering wheel, if it is not, your right straight straight.

Other errors that are done at the beginning of the show is to travel in the sewage system in order not to be detected by people who survived more hostile. Although this may be a good idea, keep in mind that the sewer system could not be cleaned; Depending on the fall of rain may actually be blocked. There are also health factors to consider, in the post-war period of judgement you will not have any health system. If you are exposed to the infection of human or animal dung in the gutter and you don’t have antibiotics to kill the bacteria, you may be dying or losing a limb gangrene.

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