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60th Birthday Invitations – Although thousands of Baby Boomer celebrates 60 anniversary every day, research suggests that the majority of these individuals are not financially prepared for retirement. Baby boomers deal with financial challenges that were never owned by the previous generation, including cuts in pensions, rising health care costs, uncertainty about government programs such as social security, the decrease in interest rates , and life expectancy increased during retirement.

How much income your retirement?

Government research has determined that most Americans need between 60 and 80 per cent
the anticipated income to sustain their livelihood when retired. However, many financial experts raise this number between 80 and 100 per cent of the estimated income, by reason of the increase in health care costs, longer life expectancy and the inflation threat is always there, which can damage the purchasing power of the purchasing power of life.

How much income do you need for your retirement will be a function of the objectives, time horizon, and your shopping habits. Of course, those who want a vacation home or travel often need more than those who prefer to stay at home. Some of the questions you should ask are:

Will support You for the children or grandchildren of You continued after retirement?

Do you want to travel or retirement?

Whether your mortgage will be paid before or after retirement?

What will be your tax account for your retirement?

Retirement resources

After you calculate your retirement needs, you can start working on your potential income sources. In General, Your source of income is included in one of the three following categories:

1) source of the Government’s social security system was created during the Great Depression to add income retirement. Currently, most experts are wondering whether the system will remain solid throughout the 21st century at the current level of benefits. Retirement plan should be a potential retirement age increase, or reduction in performance that can reduce social monitoring monthly guarantee.

2 the employer-sponsored plans). Many employers offer a pension plan sponsored by the company, which is generally divided into two categories. Plan allowance for certain, usually funded by an employer, provide pension benefits based on a formula that includes several years of work and income. For example, the traditional retirement is definitely rewards program. Contribution plans, like 401 (k), 403 (b) and 457, based on the Fund’s employees, employers or fund match the combination of both. Employees have account balances (subject to the regulations regarding the provision of) contributions and benefits and risk investment.

3) personal savings may be an aspect of retirement planning the most dormant. Personal savings can include savings account balances, assets held directly, asset base, the company’s stock or business, and may also include collectors like works of art, Antiquities and coins. Retirees must rely on these assets for any loss from a defined contribution plan for sure, pension or social security; so planning is needed to ensure that assets are protected.

How to get there-and stay on the road

How can you determine whether you’re on track to achieve your retirement goals and make changes if needed? A financial planner can help you develop a healthy financial plan based on the specific situation, review it regularly to make sure you switch to your goals and recommend adjustments occasionally to help keep you in the process.

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