2nd Birthday Invitation Wording

2nd Birthday Invitation Wording Mickey Mouse

2nd Birthday Invitation Wording – You want to make sure that even the smallest guests have a nice time, which in turn will make your parents fun! Here are some tips to keep the busy and happy little ones!

Sippy cups: Have the disposable sippy cups with the other party cups so that all children can drink too much, especially when the party is out and hot!

Snacks: Make sure you use snacks for smaller guests (graham crackers, goldfish).

Baby Games: If you have a group of children, you can play a “game” that matches your theme. Place the toy or small stuffed bears, fish, cars, cats etc, and push the kids or run to find them. It is very funny for parents to also look.

Favors: Drinks are a great favor for a first birthday, rubber ducky, bubbles, filling an ornate sippy cup or a snack cup with treats, pacifiers, stuffed animals, car or car toys

Set up a party program: Make sure you have a party program set up! It’s really hard to go to a party with young children when you have to wait for hours for the big moments. Keep great events (games, food, cakes, gifts-in this order) within the first 1/2 hour-2 hours. It really makes a difference, so keep healthy and happy kids and happier parents! In this way people who can and want to stay as long as possible. Those with small children are appreciated!!

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